We specialize in selling quality-leading brands in menswear and we strive to maintain our great reputation.

Keeping East London up to date with the latest in the fashion industry for men.

Oasis Outfitters’ name derived from the need to revive fashion within the region of East London, South Africa. Just as a desert is dry and far from civilisation, so too was fashion within the area at the time. With this being the case, husband and wife duo decided to take it upon themselves to restore and revive the East London clothing industry.

Neela Dhaya and her husband Jay Dhaya started Oasis Outfitters in 1988 and what had begun as a small clothing shop inside a 52m2 building has now grown to a renowned men’s clothing retail business within a 500m2 space. The family run business stocks popular brands such as Nike, Levi, Puma, Reebok, All Star, Adidas, Eko Unltd, Hush Puppies, Jeep, Rockport Caterpillar, Polo, Pringle, Pierre Cardin, Palladium, Carducci, as well as Ferradini and Jeckyll and Hide.


Oasis Outfitters stocks the latest in shoes for every event. Quality and durability is on the top of our list.


We stock a variety of clothing to suit every style of creativity.


We have a wide spectrum of accessories to make your wardrobe perfect.